December 15, 2017



Our story is derived from the ZERI (Zero Emissions Research Institute) which means ‘use what you have” and the magic of fungi achieves this through our philosophy. The inspiration of our sustainable project stems from Chido Govera’s “Future Of Hope Foundation” who shares an amazing story of poverty relief in Zimbabwe with the aid of mushroom cultivation from agricultural waste.

As our population increases, our resources and food security are under scrutiny. Our philosophy is to move away from the notion that our future is defined by factory farming and our goal is to utilise a more sustainable method of farming to combat our growing demands. As a population of consumers, we aim to mitigate the amount of waste we produce such as coffee waste by using it as means to grow a food source.

Every day, we as consumers drink over 2.25 billion cups of coffee worldwide, 99% of the coffee used goes to waste which has the potential to be used locally to grow mushrooms. We hope to make a small but vital impact on these numbers with our project and provide a healthy whole food.