An emotional shit show, “you never really know if you are on the right path until you make the decision to take a walk on it”

From the get go, the decision to make a go at this had various motives and quite frankly, that was the easiest part. Yeah, sure there is this feeling of stepping into the unknown, a bit like skydiving, apparently. To have goals brings clarity, if you are not aiming for something then you lose sight and purpose. However, nothing could have prepared me for the rollercoaster ride that I was getting into. Truth, the ups are super ups, progress is everything, milestones come like orgasms. The downs, oh the downs, load bearing thoughts are the most tiresome to deal with and I’m not talking about structuring your project or business, of course you need to have a plan before you can make the decision to step into the unknown. There are many tools and advisors to help with that. What I mean is that dark place in your mind.

I’ve been there, thoughts where you start questioning your capability to embark on this solo mission. The realisation that there is so much to do, you creep your competitors in envy realising you don’t have something that they do, you then unfollow them on instagram cause it puts you down. Let alone, the hype of success formed by the preconception of a societal structure determined by what? What you can afford or what you can seem to afford? The fear of failure or giving up toys with you and the thoughts of all those comforts and security that you once had, should I just look for a job again?

In my opinion, this can only come naturally, it’s part of the learning process. Overcoming this can bear a challenge and it’s part and parcel of going out on your own. Entrepreneurship presents itself in many forms and a process of self discovery can represent a part of it.  The difference is what you choose to do when you are at breaking point and how I, at least in part overcame some of these doubts. Whether you believe in harnessing positive thoughts and energy, or you choose to keep active to give you that feel good feeling, or whether its through meditation, mindfulness, whatever. Whatever it is, believe it, do it, because it will focus you and when you are focused, progress is made which then shines a light on that dark place. Everything is possible.

More to come.

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